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We proudly may also apply to information and communication technology service. Solutions allowing for the reduction of electricity consume by computer equipment. The introduction of business models that reduce the number of manufacture products. The application of this principle should be confirm by indicating specific resources, substances, materials or products. The use of which was minimize as a result of the project implementation and at the same time did not result. In a significant increase in the use of other resources, etc. The application of this principle can also be confirm by conducting research specifically in this area.

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This principle involves the reuse of materials, raw materials or products. That instead of becoming waste in one production or service process. We proudly Photo Retouching want to boastme raw material for another. It may also lead to the use of materials, raw materials. Products for new functions if they are no longer use in their current form. You should then indicate specifically those materials. Raw materials or products that can be reuse during or as a result of the project implementation or that will receive a new. Significant function in a given or other activity. The amount of such materials, substances or products that will be reuse should be demonstrate as a measurable indicator.

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As with the other principles, the application of the “reuse” principle can be confirm by conducting research specifically in this area. The “repair” principle applies to the implementation of technological, logistic and marketing solutions within the project that ensure the availability of spare parts, operating and repair manuals, technical information or other TH Phone Numbers tools, equipment or software enabling the repair and reuse of products without harm to their quality and safety. It involves extending the product life cycle thanks to the possibility of repairing, refreshing or improving its aesthetics, or creating comprehensive systems promoting product repair, e.g. by introducing technological standards or offering variable parts.

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