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How to Track Your Competitors’ Page Views and Compare them to Yours

A high number of page views is not necessarily an indicator of high user engagement or revenue potential from your website or app. But that doesn’t mean page views aren’t important. Tracking and working with this key metric can be even more valuable than you think. The key here is to look at this metric in the right context. In Google Analytics, page views mainly help in technical and functional analysis. We’ll show you a way to track your page views and visits and use How to Track competitive benchmarking in a way that suits your company management needs. Let’s go to the source and ask the Google Analytics Help Center where page views are defined as: “A page view is an instance of a specific page being loaded (or reloaded) in the browser.” Every time a user opens a web page, it is considered a page view.

What are page views in Google Analytics?

Even when a visitor reloads Phone Number List or refreshes the page, it already counts as another view. This doesn’t tell you much about the visitor’s behavior. To know more about this, Google Analytics also provides unique page views. This shows the cumulative number of page views generated by the same user in a single session. In other words, each page a user opens in a single session is counted only once, even if the user reloads and visits the page multiple times.Marketing intelligence platform Similarweb provides an additional similar metric that includes subsequent views of the same page until the user remains inactive for 30 minutes or more.

How does Similarweb calculate page views?

For example, if a user opens a page and reloads it several times, or goes to another page and returns, this counts as a single page visit. The user then decides to leave your website to compare your product with a competitor’s and is inactive on your website. If he is away longer, when he TH Phone Numbers returns to your website, it will count as another visit. All of this will help you better understand visitors interact with the pages of your website or app. Google Search Console is another tool you can use to understand your organic traffic metrics. 

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