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This man from Medan was persistent

As important validation of skills. Benefits of Certification for Current & Future Profession Boy feels that certification is very related to his current job as a Reliability Engineer. It makes it easier to implement cloud infrastructure. When determining a This man from Medan was persistent service provider, he will have more Azure references regarding database region factors, feature richness (is there auto-scaling, etc.), cost optimization, and familiarity with this Microsoft technology By having Azure certification, Boy also feels more flexible when using Azure technology in his daily work. He admitted that he enjoyed the User Interface (UI) from Azure which looked attractive compared to other cloud computing platforms which were more rigid. Boy’s dream of a career is not just a profession. In 4 years, he is determined .

Expert Cloud Engineer who leads

To become an a team in a leading company. With the Dicoding class and then the Azure certification, Boy felt he found the relevant basics. “No matter how great we want to be a Cloud Lead, we have to learn from the basics. If you don’t understand the basics, it will be a mess. For this reason, mastering knowledge needs to be systematic ws data and tiered, as Dicoding teaches.” You don’t need to be a genius to master cloud technology Remembering his childhood, Boy, the winner of the Alibaba Cloud Global AI Competition 2020, admitted that he was not a smart child. At his previous school, he ranked 20th out of 40 students. “Not smart. All I have is hard work and consistency,” (Boy) Apart from studying and struggling to get certification, Boy admits that his hobby is exploring the latest technology.

This habit is very important so that

Whatsapp Number List

The errors you face can be resolved. If we don’t like exploring the latest updates , we could be stuck, aka dead end. For example, applying a simple method can take a long time. It requires curiosity , hard work and consistency. Especially within the scope of cloud engineering, updates roll out very quickly. Mastering the latest technologies   our system work better. Of course you TH Phone Numbers can work more efficiently, right? So, if you feel like you’re “not a genius,” that’s actually a strong reason to prefer studying. Explore the fields you like and try hard there. Opportunities to become an Engineer, including a Cloud Engineer, are wide open for those of you who work hard. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused disruption in various fields. 13 million workers in the tourism sector are directly affected

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