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Therefore the tourism sector and EKRAF

Digital technology.   Developers to contribute through the Kemenparekr . Baparekraf Digital Challenge – Create Solutions for a Better Indonesia . Therefore the tourism sector and EKRAF  After being held from 12 October to 10 December 2020, the competition is now over. Below we announce the 50 best solutions that will win prizes of 1,000 Dicoding Points . Each and a 3 month Dicoding Academy subscription package worth IDR 4,500,000.- Congratulations . On the achievements achieved by each participant. For those of you who haven’t succeeded, don’t worry.  Keep trying, improve your work. No. Creator Solution Name 1 Irfan Yasir Adipratama Saputra Panorama 2 Adi Septiadi . The Charm of Answerarat Tourism 3 Risman Abdilah .

Destination Run 6 Robby Gunawan

TauWisata – Indonesian Tourism Education 4 Bayu Surya . Atmoko Learn Javanese – Hanacaraka Alphabet 5 MUHAMMAD AMIRUL HAQ GDR – GoSutanto . Packing Performance Pro 7 Muhammad Rizqi Tsani in culture 8 Zidan Echoes.  Ramadhan Explore Banten – Tourism, Culinary and Local Products 9 Henry Febryan ws database DompetKu – Financial & Debt Records 10 Ridley January iTravel – Tourist Schedule Maker 11 Ya’suf Dany App Craft 12 Yudhawan A Pratama bring 13 Rabiuldien Amat Juragan Kost 14 Arman Nugraha MAPS 15 Agus Tiyansyah Syam Lampung Yay – Explore Beautiful Places in Lampung 16 Erwin Kurniawan Adidharma Walk 17 Faisal Nur Hakim Charming Garut 18 Toni Effendi Sipemas (Community Training Information System) 19 Romi Amirul Hakim Go To Surabaya (Surabaya City Tourism and Culture Information Application) 20 JOKO SLAMET onWisata_App 21 Rifqi Abiy Ahmed Explore

Kharisma Rizqi Bakhittah It is planned

Whatsapp Number List

Indonesia Dani Daniel Memory Game – 10 New Balis 24 Tjandra Darmo Ngabolang (Web Version) 25 Satriyo Witjaksono Bogoriwisata – Potential Tourism Promotion Website in Bogor 26 Rudi Giyarto Let’s have a picnic, Temanggungku 27   Oholy website 28 Dicky   Indonesia TH Phone Numbers Explore 29 Frans Rudolf 30 ANDI IRSANDI Tax 31 Fauzi Fadhlurrohman YUKIJA (Let’s have a snack) 32 Rendi Putra Pradana KUI Exhibition (Works for Indonesia) 33 thank you Creative Economy 34 Arif Ikhsanudin Advertising 35 Nanda Ariana Restohits 36 Agus Kurniawan My cooking ID 37 Muhammad Hidayat NOTEU.AI 38 He is YUHendra View App 39 Robby Hudiansyah UMKMPedia 40 June Akarda MSMEs must adapt and prepare solutions that are in line .

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