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Machine parts a week to ship Your business can to 300 different B2B customers. See how these figures are a lot more refined than the other two categories? These highly specific pieces of information are a big part of why calculating SOM is so important for your company and overall growth as an organization.

Market Intelligence

Why is It Important to Know the Size of Your Market? So, Why is Knowing the Email Marketing List Size of Your Market So Important? It Really. Comes Down to Understanding What Possibilities Are Out There for Your Industry and Whether. There’s an Actual Need and/or Want for the Products and Services Your Company Provides. Understanding Your Tam, Sam, and Som Also Helps Potential. Investors See Where in the Overall Market Your Brand Fits, Plus Any Potential for Growth. Or Challenges Along the Way. While It is Great to Guess at Where Your Brand Fits in With Competitors in Terms of Market Share, by Taking the Your business can Time to Calculate These Figures, You Can Glean True Insight Into Where Your Company Fits Into the Overall Marketplace. And, Finally, the Size of Your Market is Key to Your Overall Growth. After All, if You Know What the Possibilities Are for Expansion to New Markets or Even Within Your Existing Regional Area, Then You Can Make Better Decisions.

How to Calculate TAM

Email Marketing List

SAM, and SOM? The Your business can process of calculating TAM, SAM, and SOM is fairly easy — if you have a basic understanding of the various formulas involved. TAM To calculate TAM, multiple the  TH Phone Numbers total number of customers within the marketplace by the average sales figure.

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