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The guidelines for working with Google Unlocking Success. Discover content specifically highlight: “Don’t use tactics to artificially increase engagement. For example, don’t include misleading or exaggerated information in the parts of your content that are shown to users first (i.e., the title, snippets, or images) to make the page more attractive, or hide information they need to know. What the content is about.” Google also talks about avoiding manipulating users with morbid headlines or those that provoke feelings of excitement and indignation. It is recommended to offer content that deals with topics of current interest and that provides truthful and unique information.

Recommended to offer Unlocking Success content that deals with topics of current

So that it does not confuse readers in order to offer a good industry email list user experience. According to the same official documentation, it is very possible that Google Discover will never include results on job offers, forms and satirical content, among others. “Do not manipulate users into interacting with a page by encouraging morbid curiosity or including content that excites or outrages them.” Even so, experience tells us that Google is not being very strict with this aspect… Every day we find headlines and photos that encourage that click and that are very close to what we understand by clickbait . The concept has always been associated with something negative and that produces rejection.

Curiosity or including content that excites or outrages them

Especially among journalists and TH Phone Numbers editors who value. The correct use of information headlines to protect the reputation. The publication and the editorial line. But this objective should not be at odds with titling with grace and wit. The fact is that the term, also known as “cyberbait”. Only defines the use of techniques to capture attention and encourage users to click on a web page . This negative conception has been forged by taking this technique to the extreme, with very sensational or misleading headlines that do not really end up presenting the information they presume to have when the news is consulted.

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