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Tips and tools to protect the contents of a Blog

How to protect the contents of a Blog or a Website. The experience of having a Blog is very rewarding, and it gives you the opportunity to meet and connect with other bloggers, to learn a lot, but throughout this process, you also realize that it is important to protect the content that you have spent so many hours creating . , especially to prevent your content from being misused on other blogs or websites. So in this post I will explain each of the problems that I have detected in the two years that my Blog has had, and I will explain how I have corrected them and protected myself against spammers.

Protect the images on your Blog

In addition, Protect the images on your Blog. One of the first things I detected as a Blogger is that there are users who “copy and paste” your content. In addition, as is, and publish it on their Blogs. This is bad practice because with respect to images, they will be using the bandwidth of a foreign server. In addition, in this case yours, thus reducing the resources of  Outlook Email Lists your machine. This practice is known as Hotlinking and there are several ways to protect yourself from it. 

Show your Feed in Summary mode

Show your Feed in Summary mode. By default, our Feed in WordPress will show the complete Blog entries. Therefore, and we will be at risk of automatic tools taking our entire article and publishing it on other blogs or websites. Therefore, thus generating duplicate content that could negatively affect us. How do we solve it? I owe the solution to my friend Javier Marcilla TH Phone Numbers and to apply. In addition,  it we go to the private part of our WordPress, and click on Settings > Reading , and mark the option “Show, for each entry in the feed,” in summary mode. In addition, The solution is that simple and easy.

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