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The winner of the BDT Facilitation

program from the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy admitted that he was happy to be able to apply the knowledge he gained through classes with a total duration of 195 hours in the Front-End Web Developer learning path in Dicoding. “With the help of a learning program from the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, I can use cache material The winner of the BDT Facilitation and database indexes for the Covid-19 Info dashboard on my website.” Learning from his experience so far, he wants to continue learning how to manage and present sensitive information such as Covid-19 data to the general public. Of course, from a security perspective, he must be more careful in using user data.

Booking for Outpatients As a referral

Independent Online hospital for Covid-19 sufferers, Fathony and the team of programmers there had to think about how technology can be used to The winner of the BDT Facilitation reduce the potential for transmission in health facilities. Moreover, almost a year ago, no less than 350 positive Covid-19 patients were treated there. The risk of transmission in a crowd of patients in the waiting room is certainly whatsapp number list worrying. One solution is to create a Mandiri Online Booking Android application aka “BOOM” which is aimed at prospective outpatients. Various appreciations are present on the Playstore page of this new application which was re-launched last October 2020. Some of them: Great, no need to queue from morning to come to the clinic.

The BOOM application is available

Whatsapp Number List

Just play with your fingersĀ  cool innovation. (nurkholis kholis, 17/10/2020) I swear this is really cool, no need to text or come early to the hospital. Just from home you can register easily. (Agung Iman, 15/12/2020) The role of this NON-PNS (BLUD) employee in the application is to create web services.Meanwhile, the source code is TH Phone Numbers managed by other developers. Here he implemented Web Services to continue the development of the application. face the pandemic. on Playstore. Click here to see #3 Online Fingerprint Attendance for Hospital Employees. During the pandemic, employees at hospitals rotated between working at home or in the office. To ensure the attendance system runs smoothl.

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