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The Maglev service intends to maintain this record

The Maglev train also broke the previous Shinkansen speed record in tests on the Miyazaki tracks.

Most of the Shinkansen operate with speeds of around 500 km/hour. However, With the new technologies that are being developed and applied, it is likely that the trains of the future will reach higher speeds.

Did you know…? In its 60 years of operation, Japan’s high-speed rail lines have had zero fatal accidents , making these trains some of the safest transportation in the world.

Passengers will be able to buy tickets for the new line in 2027 . The trains will travel at a maximum speed of 505 km/h (the world record is 603 km/h).

The route map will initially include 6 stations  Shinagawa Station

In 2009, the Maglev system was approved and commercial Whatsapp Mobile Number List production began. The future train for the Chuo Shinkansen line has been designed to link Tokyo and Nagoya in the year 2027 .

It is Expected That the Journey Will Take Only 40 Minutes. However, Less Time Than Flying by Plane Between. The Two Cities and Also Less Than the Hour and a Half That the Current. Tokaido Line Invests in Traveling (Included With Your Jr Pass ). The Planned Route Will Include Stops in Shinagawa, Sagamihara, Kofu, Iida and Nakatsugawa.

The Initial Goal of the Maglev Project Was to Achieve. However, A Train That Could Cover the Route From Tokyo to Osaka. In Less Than an Hour . This Goal Will Be Achieved. When the Maglev Line is Extended From Nagoya to Osaka, Which is Scheduled to Happen in 2045.

80% of the 286 Kilometers of Tracks. That Will Have to Be Built for the Maglev. Bullet Train Will Be Located Underground. Crossing Population Centers and Mountainous Areas.

Forecasts suggest that the cost of the project will be the equivalent of 31 million euros

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When completed, the train will have 16 carriages with a TH Phone Numbers capacity for 1,000 passengers. Currently, the public is invited to participate in the Maglev test rides .

Tourists can visit the SC Maglev Parkway in Nagoya and the Maglev Exhibition Center near the town of Otsuki to learn more about this fantastic train and see how it performs on test runs.

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