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The Japanese Maglev the fastest bullet

Imagine a train crossing Japan at full speed. Its wheels do not touch the ground, but… They float! Well, this experience, which seems to be taken from a dream, will soon be a reality thanks to the famous Japanese Maglev trains.

Japan is already known for its bullet train system , spanning the entire country and operating since 1964.

Maglev when this means of transport becomes a reality in a few years. How Maglev Trains Work
The SC Maglev, or superconducting magnetic train , has been developed by the Central Japan Railway Company and the Railway Technical Research Institute since the 1970s.

The Shinkansen currently the fastest train in the world will give way to

Its operation is based on the principle of magnetic Latest Mailing Database repulsion, capable of creating a powerful magnetic field that acts between the train carriages and the track itself.

The word maglev , in fact, is the combination of two words: “magnetic” and “levitation”. This magnetic levitation , or what is the same, that the train floats in the air, is achieved by an electrodynamic suspension system .

The rails contain two sets of crossed metal coils in a figure eight that create an electromagnetic pattern. The train, for its part, has superconducting magnets called “bogies”. When stopped, the train rests on rubber wheels.

When the movement begins, the train moves slowly over them, making it possible for the magnets located under the train to interact with those on the track.

Once the train reaches 150 kilometers per hour the magnetic force created is powerful

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Enough to lift the train 10 centimeters off the ground, eliminating TH Phone Numbers friction and allowing speed to increase.

The Same Magnetic Force That Lifts the Train Moves. Forward and Stays Centered Without Drifting Off the Track. Making for a Very Smooth and Exceptionally Safe Ride.

What is the Maximum Speed of the Maglev Train? In April 2015, a Manned Maglev Superconducting Train Broke. Both Existing Railway Speed Records. The Train Was Timed and Reached 603 Kilometers Per Hour.

This is a Speed Much Higher. Than That of the Maglev Trains That Already. Operate in Shanghai (China) and South Korea and That Reach a Speed of Between 431 and 500 Km/h and 109 Km/h, Respectively.

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