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For geeks like us, playing with hardware and software, it turnd out to be the best sandbox ever. If there were no interviews, we might stop thinking that no one will pay us for it, because they will only take trials. And here it is totally the opposite compard to energy. We learnd, that the process in this cooperation (with the energy industry) is not very transparent and epaulettes, certificates and empty words are also rather important.

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They’re still on Excel, to put it mildly. Greg, could you comment? Grzegorz : The energy market is definitely a closd and hermetic database market. Even though we had nice people to talk to, we found that the entry barrier was very, very high. What you said are the benefits that are on the other side, or the technology that we can either integrate or collaborate with, or simply provide. Paradoxically, this is not the level offerd by agriculture.


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Paweł So without Discovery, we could sit and think what a farmer neds. To think we’re a little bit better and we know better because TH Phone Numbers we’re making apps, but it really helpd us a lot. There was also a question from Agata: “how did we start cooperation?” This Discovery philosophy forcd us to do interviews, so we really startd with who our friends or family kno Kamil: Paweł, don’t run out! We will talk about recruitment.

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