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 It sounds common, impressions are perceptions; as common as that “the first impression is what counts”… but, wait a minute: was that true? The first impression is assum to be decisive in many areas and, however, is it so arbitrary that two people interpret two possible different patterns of behavior in the face of a single – and simultaneous – interaction with a single person in an interview? I was surpris and, when I realiz how many first impressions had guid my decisions up to that point, a little scar.

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 Fortunately, someone had already travel this path and reasoning: Mrs. Amy Cuddy, professor of Psychology at Harvard University, graduat from Princeton, and to make matters worse, survivor of a personal business email list accident that diminish – slightly – her intellectual abilities. Professor Cuddy had already paid attention to these “traps” of the first impression. In her words, we tend to classify people in those first interactions bas on two axes: warmth (personal treatment) and capacity (skills) . We tend to prefer warm and, at the same time, competent people.

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 This is an unconscious process (and absent of all objectivity) where the two variables are also assum to be inversely proportional: “if very kind, then dull; If very bossy at what he does, then a jerk when it comes to dealing.” Incrible: a mental trap. After this analysis, Cuddy invit us to become aware of this mechanism and operate rationally on it: not to be carri away by this instinctive TH Phone Numbers trait. But his findings did not stop there. In a subsequent line of research, which he maintains to this day (and which he has condens in his recent publication Presence , which we hope will soon be translat into Spanish), he has attempt to demonstrate the body’s ability to influence the mind: you read that right, no.

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