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Therefore, each time a product feature should be compared with its value Write, for example, that such a high temperature (feature) will allow Arkadiusz to bake delicious pizza on a thin crust (value) , and the steam function (feature) will make the bread have a perfectly crispy crust (value) . feature -> value Emphasize overarching values How to create product descriptions in an online store to emphasize the value? Another way to do this is to look for benefits in the lifestyle that your product will bring the customer closer to. Play on emotions, but in a positive way.

Why A Marketing Strategy In A Family Business

So if you sell ovens, you can build an image of a happy family spending time together in the kitchen. The kids are involved in kneading the dough, the parents are preparing the ingredients for the sauce, and the pizza may not have a perfect shape, butyou made it TOGETHER! Good product description How to Latest Mailing Database create product descriptions? technical manual As you can see, good product (and category) descriptions should be based on a marketing strategy. The basis here is the persona and the tone of communication. For now, I have answered your question “Who to talk to and what to talk about?”. Now let’s deal with the technical side of the description.

Latest Mailing Database

How To Create A Visual Identification System

Patterns for creating product descriptions Are you just starting out and don’t know how to create product descriptions for your online store? It is possible that ready-made “templates” for writing this type of content will be helpful. Here are the two most helpful in my opinion. x CO model Ask yourself simple questions What is that? What product, category, service? What will it give the user? So what are the advantages? What will the  user gain from it? Benefits, benefits TH Phone Numbers and more benefits! Then expand the description with other necessary information. model x co AIDA used templates for writing about products and services.

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