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One of her initial phrases was: “On October 9, 2012, the Taliban shot me in the head. They also shot at my friends, they thought that with their bullets they would silence us forever, but they fail.” (2013) Throughout these last years, Malala’s voice has resonat more and more in different peoples of the world. She has unit in an honest and authentic demand for the ucation of boys and girls, for equality and freom. The awards she has won, including the Nobel Peace Prize itself (2014), have been us by her to send her message further and further and commit the world’s rulers to defending and improving ucation.

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 In the book I am Malala (2015), we can find a series of biographical details, but we can also observe the cultural and historical wealth of her b2b email list people. On the one hand, Malala’s tenacity and ucational perseverance are observ, because of course she is, she is a good student, not only because she gets good grades, but because she appropriates the knowlge and makes it her own. On the other hand, she can observe the Pakistani culture, beliefs, customs of it. An excellent book to understand the political and social situation of Pakistan.

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 Malala reveals herself, both in the books and in her public appearances, as a religious person who prays and thanks God , but in her mind there is no contradiction or dispute about which god. For her, everyone teaches the same thing or something similar. In the aforemention 2013 speech, she TH Phone Numbers comment that she does not imagine retaliation against her attacker, since she treats people with the compassion that she has learn “from Muhammad – the prophet of mercy -, Jesus Christ and Buddha.” . Only a person with a high sense of humanity and high intelligence would reach a conclusion like this.

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