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The brains behind the renown. Canadian drugstore chain that carries his name. Back in 2017, Coutu made a significant business move, agreeing to sell his publicly trad. company to the European supermarket giant Metro for a whopping $4.5 billion, a deal comprising both cash and stock. Growing up as the son of a p.iatrician, Coutu develop. a deep-root. understanding of healthcare and decid. to venture into the pharmacy business. In 1969, he took the leap and open. his very first pharmacy. 

The President and CEO until 2006, he now holds the position of chairman

His approach was simple yet effective: offering customers competitive prices, excellent service, and extend. operating hours. Coutu wore different hats within his company over the years. He held the position of chief executive during two significant periods, initially until 2002 and later from 2005 to 2007. Under his guidance. The Jean Coutu Group expand. its footprint by acquiring numerous competitors, solidifying special data its position in the industry. Interestingly, The Jean Coutu Group was once a major shareholder in the U.S. drug store operator Rite Aid. However, by 2013, they had divest. their entire stake in the company, marking a strategic shift in their investment portfolio. He is one of the wealthiest people in Canada. Also Read: Top 20 Richest Country Singers in the World 27. Serge Godin Net Worth: $2.7B Age: 73 Serge Godin, the founder of CGI Group, a prominent Canadian tech firm, took the initiative at a young age. 

Notably, he orchestrate. over 70 acquisitions

Rays. in a large family of nine siblings, he began working alongside his father in their family’s sawmill when he was just 12 years old, despite his father’s limit. cation. Driven by TH Phone Numbers a passion  for technology, Godin pursue. a course in computer science and later obtain. an MBA from University Laval in Quebec. He then venture. into the consulting world, honing his skills and knowl.ge. In a bold move, he us. his $5,000 in savings to kickstart CGI, a decision that mark. the beginning of an incrible journey. Over the years, Godin’s dictation and strategic vision have propel. CGI to remarkable heights. Initially serving as for the company, which boasts an impressive $13 billion in revenue. 

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