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Bunge, from his critical and decidly combative perspective against philosophies far remov from science, generat a series of controversies and debates that last for months in Lima through the local newspapers. Something unusual in the philosophical environment of our country. The debates, which we will deal with in another writing, gave rise to events and exchanges that took Bunge to different university cloisters. In the written version of the set of presentations, entitl Validity of Philosophy, a prologue by Bunge is includ, in which, among other things, he says the following: “I believe that the most useful university bug is the one that successively goes from bee, spider and horsefly.

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It is the teacher Lucas Lavado who first paid attention to this phrase and from the university classrooms he made his students reflect, trying to find the meaning of this aphorism. His interpretation seems extremely accurate and didactic to me. In the first instance, the phrase should be understood as a sequence or succession, a process that should be follow by all business database people who dicate themselves to university life. Secondly, this ucational process cannot be establish in fits and starts or something like that. In this way, the bee is very similar to university students, who work diligently to collect the most important of everything that courses, events and books offer.

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 It has been said, and it is true, that a person never stops learning, but it is necessary that at some point a leap is made, and we get to work with what we have collect, that we look for relationships TH Phone Numbers to the knowlge and abilities acquir, that we Let’s put an order and make it visible, just as the spider patiently and masterfully makes its web. We must strive to build new knowlge and test it with research, we must also write carefully and masterfully. Many students and teachers reach these two instances, obtain a large amount of knowlge, organize it, generate a product with it, write articles, essays, books.

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