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Google Adsense 2021 initiation guide

What is Adsense and what is it for ? How does Google Adsense work? How much. Therefore, does Adsense pay? If you want to know the answers, here is a Google Adsense 2021 Starter Guide , one of my favorite monetization platforms with which you can generate passive income with your website. Today I am going to talk to you about one of my 2 passions in digital marketing. You already know one, which is the Personal Brand. But since I believe that a. Therefore, personal brand project is worthless if we don’t know how to monetize it, I spent years researching passive ways to monetize. Therefore, my personal projects, and the one that caught me the most, I liked it, and the one that gave me the best results was Adsense .

Why should you launch yourself on this platform

Before starting to talk about the tool, I am going to answer this category email list question. Because all of us who have a blog spend days, months and years. Therefore, creating free content, and there comes a time when if you see that you are not achieving your goals, you get frustrated and give up. And this is a simple way to monetize that work and one more motivation to continue with your blog. You don’t have to go out and sell anything or promote it, much less spend hours and hours on social networks to see if they buy what you sell. Here you generate money with your. Therefore, content, and that’s cool. Also, it has something very positive for me, you don’t have to chase anyone to get paid. Every. Therefore, month on the 21st, if you have achieved the minimum income, Google pays you. 

Google Adsense Guide 2021 what it is and what it is for

Adsense is an advertising system that TH Phone Numbers allows companies and brands to display relevant and attractive advertisements on web pages, blogs and in. Therefore, YouTube videos so that visitors to those websites see those advertisements, with the aim of publicizing their products and services. . Google AdSense is a simple and free solution with which you can earn income if you have a website or a YouTube channel, since Google pays based on the clicks that people make on the ads in your content. This is the. Therefore, simple explanation of what Adsense is and what it is for. Google Adsense home page What do you need to use Adsense? 

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