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Intranet as an internal social network for companies

He affiliate must certify that Intranet as an the producer entered at least one domain to promote a product enabled for Alternative Sales Pages. Afterwards he will be able to create his own hotlink through a domain previously registered by the producer. And to create it is simple. You simply have to click on Hotlink and Sales Tools Choose, among the authorized domains, which page best fits your sales strategy and generate a new hotlink. After generating the link, the affiliate can use it as a sales page and start promoting the product based on multiple pages. We believe that, with this new configuration, producers will give more visibility to their products and affiliates will be able to develop more effective strategies to carry out sales.

Features of modern social intranets Intranet as an 

Dear Affiliate, You can now transform ANY content (posts, videos, images) from producer-authorized sites into affiliate links. That means having dozens, hundreds or even thousands of free content generated by the producer for use in affiliate campaigns. For example, if the producer has a blog and authorizes its domain, the affiliate executive email list could generate a hotlink of any ARTICLE on said blog, thus being able to send free and quality content to its list or its audience on Facebook and, at the same time, if If any of these visitors choose to buy something from the seller, then the affiliate would receive global membership. This functionality gives incredible power to the affiliate in order to use their creativity and spread not only paid offers, but also free content for their clients. See below the step by step on how producers and affiliates can take advantage.

The internal management

And guaranteeing effective communication between all staff . Through a social intranet, information reaches everyone at the same time, and allows each member to be aware of changes. But not only that, private corporate networks reinforce TH Phone Numbers ties of cooperation and improve the work environment; since they eliminate the old hierarchical models and replace it with a horizontal space where everyone contributes ideas on equal terms. This allows for a better relationship between bosses and employees, requests to be better managed, training to be facilitated, and new talent to be detected. How does a social intranet work.

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