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A sad tin man stars in what is perhaps the most beautiful Christmas spot

The race to win the title of best Christmas advertisement of the year has only just begun, but the Irish postal service An Post has just raised the curtain on a beautiful spot that puts it at the head (or at least in the top positions) of the race to win such a precious title. The advertisement in question, baptized with the name “Send from the heart this Christmas”, stars the famous Tin Man from Lyman Frank Baum’s famous novel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz . The protagonist of the An Post spot , who devours nuts and bolts for breakfast, decides to leave his home, where he lives in complete solitude, to walk the streets of the city. His walk takes the tin man to a pub where he feels completely out of place due to the sparkling hubbub that reigns in the establishment.

The protagonist ends up leaving the pub

In the deepest of sadness , but his neighbor Ciara , who could not help but notice the tin man’s affliction, decides to send him a Christmas cardv top industry data decorated with a striking red heart.The congratulations , sent of course through An Post, fill the tin man with joy who, after reading the card, carefully places it in the heart compartment of his armor , which suddenly emits a brilliant light and draws a wide smile on the face of the protagonist of the advertisement. Signed by the Folk agency Wunderman Thompson , the An Post spot, which uses Lyra’s song “The Magic of Christmas” as its soundtrack, puts the accent on the hidden joy of the act of sending and receiving cards and gifts at Christmas.

Since our nation is an island

We are used to connecting with our friends and loved ones through postal mail. Sending a card is such a simple but powerful way to tell someone TH Phone Numbers you love them at Christmas. The campaign portrays the impact of sending and receiving a card and how special this gesture can make you feel,” explains Julie Gill, marketing director at An Post . « Sending a card to someone at Christmas is such a simple act that we often overlook the emotion and happiness it can bring to the recipient. Unfortunately many people now limit themselves to texting their loved ones at Christmas. For this reason, and to enhance the value of postal mail, we decided to increase the emotion that comes with receiving a Christmas card to encourage people to bet more often on this method,” says Enda Kelly, managing director. director of Folk Wunderman Thompson.

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