Succeed with this process because

 Instead, the reader can see that the site’s appearance has been invested in and wanted to make it a pleasant experience for the visitor. And that’s the most important thing in the endgame. Besides, it is important to understand yourself what is good to have on the website and blog and how the website works, so that you can negotiate with a professional in more detail and tell what you really want. The worst thing is if you pay €3,000.00 to a graphic artist and you are not satisfied with the end result… 8. You don’t want to “push” yourself – i.e. market If no one knows your blog exists, how on earth will readers find it?  and 80% marketing. Point. But marketing isn’t about coming up with cliché advertising slogans. At its simplest, you share the post on social media and write an interesting part of your post as a teaser. The teaser does not have to be long, 3 – 6 sentences are perfectly sufficient (depending on the length of the sentences).

Blogging is content production

 Share the post on different social media channels on different days to reach more readers and not seem like a “spammer”. So what should be in the first post? Under no circumstances should you write the first post to introduce yourself and/or your company. That’s what the Information special data and Start here pages are for. I understand very well that you want to tell about yourself and your company, but the reader expects to receive completely different information when he comes to your blog for the first time. If you are just setting up a website, write 10 blog posts in advance before sharing a single post on Facebook. In this way, the reader has something more to read than “Welcome to my blog!” . Maybe a few pages are done, but the pages have no content.

Blogs with only one post annoy me

In this case, it does not matter whether the posts proceed in a logical order. Why should a reader come to your blog? This is much more important to think about than what you write about. In fact, when you answer this question, you already know what you’re writing about. What will the reader get out of your blog? Who is your target group? Are TH Phone Numbers you writing to a consumer or a colleague? If you have a service business – let’s say you are a physiotherapist – who do you want to serve with your blog? What is the goal of the blog? What do you want to achieve with the blog? All of these will help you figure out and define what you will write about and how you will limit the topics of your blog.

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