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Create a common turnover goal

So don’t worry, and don’t give up. After reading this article, you’ll have 5 new ways to get closer to each other and resume collaboration.

5 ways to make marketing and sales work better together

From joint sales targets and marketing campaigns to listening to sales calls, below I share 5 ways to make your sales and marketing teams work better together.
In a previous article, I already made a case Turkey Phone Number measuring marketing success based on pipeline, rather than on number of leads, MQLs, or other marketing metrics that are often used as a measure of success. This is not only important for demonstrating the value of marketing activities, but also essential for good collaboration with sales.
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I would even go so far as to choose a lead-based monthly turnover goal, regardless of whether it comes from marketing or sales. This ensures that everyone is on the same page and everyone is equally responsible for success.
For example, you can also prevent the marketing department from focusing more on paid advertising in the hope of allocating more

Advertising to inbound advertising

Or sales people are less likely to follow Afghanistan Phone Number List marketing leads because they can get more bonuses if they close outbound deals compared to marketing-led deals.
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